Encore sous Ubuntu 12.10? La version passe en fin de soutien

Au cas où vous auriez manqué la nouvelle, la période de soutien pour Ubuntu 12.10 The Quantal Quetzal est arrivée depuis quelques semaines, le 16 mai 2014. Cette version d’Ubuntu a cessé de recevoir des correctifs de sécurité, des corrections de bogues et des mises à jour de logiciels à partir des serveurs principaux d’Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 12.10 a été la dernière version a recevoir du soutien pour une durée de 18 mois, les version subséquentes suivant désormais la nouvelle fenêtre de soutien réduite à neuf mois. En mars 2013, lors d’une réunion du conseil technique d’Ubuntu, il a été décidé de raccourcir la période de soutien à partir d’Ubuntu 13.04 (elle-aussi arrivée en fin de soutien depuis); la décision n’était pas rétroactive.

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The Trusty Tahr

Unity 7 continue d’évoluer

Malgré une actualité qui s’annonçait relativement calme pour l’édition pour postes de travail d’Ubuntu 14.04 LTS — les efforts étant davantage centrés sur Ubuntu Touch et Unity 8 –, quelques publications récentes présentent néanmoins des améliorations bienvenues à Unity 7. L’interface par défaut de la prochaine édition LTS d’Ubuntu reçoit un peu d’amour !

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Ubuntu 12.04.4

Nouvelle version de maintenance d’Ubuntu 12.04 LTS disponible

Une nouvelle version de maintenance, appelée Ubuntu 12.04.4, est désormais disponible au téléchargement. Les utilisateurs faisant un usage fréquent d’une session sans installation à partir d’un liveCD/liveDVD ou d’une clé liveUSB, ou faisant prochainement des installations d’Ubuntu 12.04 LTS devraient mettre à jour leur média d’Ubuntu.

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Les jours de Nautilus dans Ubuntu sont-ils comptés ?

Avec l’arrivée prévue d’Unity 8 dans Ubuntu pour postes de travail d’ici un an, les développeurs d’Ubuntu souhaitent homogénéiser les applications principales autour d’un même gabarit, basé sur Qt. Même si rien n’est encore officiellement accompli, la disparition de Nautilus des applications par défaut dans Ubuntu semble probable, ainsi que plus largement une partie des applications liées à GNOME.

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Ubuntu 13.04 arrive en fin de soutien dans sept jours

À partir du 27 janvier prochain, la période de soutien pour Ubuntu 13.04 The Raring Ringtail arrivera à sa fin. Cette version d’Ubuntu cessera de recevoir des correctifs de sécurité, des corrections de bogues et des mises à jour de logiciels à partir des serveurs principaux d’Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 13.04 a été la première version à suivre la nouvelle fenêtre de soutien réduite à neuf mois. En mars dernier, lors d’une réunion du conseil technique d’Ubuntu, il a été décidé de raccourcir la période de soutien afin d’économiser temps, argent et efforts de la part des développeurs. Arrêter plus rapidement la maintenance d’une version d’Ubuntu permet de concentrer davantage d’énergie dans les futures avancées, entre autre l’objectif de convergence entre toutes les plate-formes.

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ESPOW Lace Wigs

What The Fuss Is All About

These days, buying a wig can be the perfect answer to a number of situations. Given that at this point in time the wigs were for fashion, they were huge, physically, and this type of wig was called the « full bottomed wig. » But in 1720, as it is wont to do, the fashion changed and the popular wigs began to grow smaller, becoming what was called the « bob wig » or « campaign wig » (McLaren Cheap Mens Wigs 2015 243).

Courts are generally ruled by precedent and tradition, and so, even in the matter of perukes, the stuffy old judges would not let their dignity suffer the reduction of their glorious large wigs and so, in defiance of change, the judges kept to the old fashion of large wigs and so began the custom of wearing a periwig as part of legal formality rather than as a fashion – although younger members did push for smaller versions and ultimately, the junior barristers began wearing shorter « campaign wigs » around 1730 or so (McLaren 243).

Even then, the haughty rich continued to do it anyway, and the flouting of it in the face of famine became such an issue that a tax was imposed on those who wore powdered wigs to the tune of a guinea each, which actually netted a hefty sum of £200,000 in just the year 1795.

As recently as the 1990s, attempts were still being made to be rid of perukes as well, but the populace at large was unwilling to let the tradition go. In a complete reversal of popular opinion from the famine years of the 1790s, the British citizens of modern times like the tradition and feel when asked their opinion on the abolishment idea that the wigs give dignity and gravitas to the judges.

In fact, in perhaps a paradoxical attempt to procure rights to wear the http://www.alicewigs.com/hairpieces/browse/ponytails.html wigs for themselves, some solicitors who’d been allowed to argue cases in the higher courts, started arguing for the right to wear the emblematic wigs as well, still reserved at this time for barristers only.

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If you ever wondered about the great looking hair styles that most celebrities showoff, then you might be familiar with lace front wigs that they make use of. Lace wigs come in a variety of textures whether it is curly hair, straight hair or wavy hair that you are looking for. Included with this set is the sleeveless jacket, the skirt, a pair of digital print arm covers, a headset, 2 hair ornaments for Miku’s pigtails, a tie, a pair of long boot covers and the wigs (i short and 2 pigtails).

Included with this costume set is the jacket top with ribbon metals and the full kimono style sleeves, the pleated skirt, a white chest cloth http://www.alicewigs.com/extensions.html or a black short-sleeved t-shirt (your choice), 2 wigs (short wig and 2 pigtails, a wig cap, a pair of suspenders, the military style hat, a pair of wrist accessories, a pair of black half gloves, a pair of brown geta style boots and a pair of sox.

The Commission on Presidential Debates, which began hosting the televised debates in 1988, has excluded third party candidates from presidential debates except for 1992, when Ross Perot was included.

Without inclusion in the debates, the idea that any third party candidate could obtain that kind of support among the public without being exposed to them beforehand is ludicrous and self-fulfilling.

Of course, many object to third party voting not only because third parties are fighting a losing battle, but because it would supposedly be better for advocates of different perspectives to work within the two major parties to produce change.

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Units For Hair Replacement

Hair Wigs Try Out Some Amazing Ones

In years past, African Americans in particular had trouble finding an adequate choice in human hair wigs to select from. http://www.alicewigs.com/wigs/browse/human-hair-wigs.html Most fashionable ladies with long hair,now let us changed their attitude to create (black coffee / black purple) short hair is fashion representatives, fresh and refined to be cool is a fundamental fashion。The dark black line is ideal for short hair and dark eye makeup and dress nude color lip color, blush colors can be cold of course, under the cheekbones the crowd seemed low-key, deep, but hard-edged, very suitable for the occasion at a very high degree of fashion。If you are a long hair, part it on the back of the head tied in a pony tail and clip closely circling a small number of fixed posts tight, if necessary, to make it smooth and compact with put on networks, fixed around wearing a wig.

A light color (blond) Large over-ear curly full lace human hair wigs to create the image of Hollywood nostalgia, fit to participate CheapExtensions 2015 in the party’s theme of nostalgia.Deserve to look line of roughness, false eyelash and red lip, you must be the queen of the party.

In short hair or medium hair girls not happen overnight, strong layered long wigs can meet your aesthetic play fast and loose。In the season change your style in front of your friends to show their multi-faceted!Light brown is appropriate, it does not look heavy, young and can go to a online wigs shop to choose a slightly Large selection of lace front wigsWear method as above:You just put the wig twisted ray ray, then every strand of hair from 1 / 3 cut the hair at the sharp,After the hair cut all are forced to shake it loose, then wear a wig in accordance with the procedure: Portal, fixed, you will find that the production of their own design and hairstyle is so stylish and innovative.

The truth is, many outlets offer low-priced wigs for Halloween, taking benefit in the fact that Halloween is receiving nearer and many shoppers would acquire costumes and wigs not simply for the kids, but teens also.

A fashion iconoclast in later life he became a recluse at his family’s Wiltshire estate, Wilsford Manor..Stephen Tennant would sometimes stop traffic in nearby country towns by going shopping wearing tight pink shorts or a tablecloth as a skirt.

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